About Us

Mainely Comfrey has been selling Comfrey for 15 years.


3 Responses to About Us

  1. David Armes says:

    We are located in Fairland, Indiana. We have been raising meat rabbits commercially for 4 years. We use New Zealand White does and AlTex bucks. Our does have 10 – 12 kits per litter and save 9 – 10 of those on average. They reach 5 lbs in 11 weeks. We sell 50 to 100 per week to “high end” restaurants. We use a professional butcher for the preparation. We are the only state inspected and approved rabbitry in the state of Indiana. We are now preparing to pelletize our own feed due to price increases by our local grainery. We intend to make our feed without corn due to the inherent fungus problem in early spring. All of our rabbits are on a automatic water system.
    There is no one that knows it all. We do better than anyone else in the country, but there is always more to learn from those who have been there. If you have any suggestions from your years of experience I would entertain them. If there is anything I might help you with please do not hesitate to ask. We only have each other to consult with.

  2. Ralph Riley (Hillsdale County MI) says:

    I am also very interested in developing a meat rabbit process that does not require purchasing much/any feed from commercial sources. I have goats, chickens, large gardens and a small hayfield (6 acres). With the economy on a straight crash course, the ability to provide the entire feed support for the rabbits is essential to my ablity to contribute to some level of financial stability.

    I can contribute research support as a trained, professional analyst if “rabbit experts” can point me in the right direction (so I don’t research non-credible sources based on my novice status with rabbits).

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