Comfrey the Wonder herb post 1

Comfrey is amazing at helping with so many different ailments and illnesses.
When steeped as a tea, comfrey can be gargled to help relieve a sore throat, help stop bleeding gums and helps with laryngitis.
Use in a poultice to help relieve sore muscles, relieve soreness in tendons and help relieve the pain and itching of insect bites. It will also help to quickly heal bruises.
Comfrey can be used to help stop bleeding in wounds and when taken internally, it is said it will help stop the bleeding from ulcers, relieve diarrhea and settle an upset stomach.
Adding comfrey to your bathwater is said to help your skin stay young and smooth. This is just a few of the many uses of this great wonder herb.


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  1. Hello, Not sure if it’s too late in the year to get some of these roots. If this is the case, could I be put on next year’s list for some?

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